Principles of Pleasure
Netflix Docuseries
2D Animator and Colourist for Episode 1 of Netflix's Documentary, The Principles of Pleasure

The Principles of Pleasure is a Netflix Docuseries that examines the world of female, transgender, and non-binary sexual pleasure, and its surrounding lack of understanding in modern science. The series consists of three episodes and seeks to empower and educate viewers about the female body and female pleasure. Topics discussed in the series range from the history of sex education, the orgasm gap and gender roles in the media and society.
There's over 30 minutes of animation in this project - a mix of stop motion, collage, motion graphics and three different styles of 2D animation.

Narrator | Michelle Buteau
Produced by | The Front

Creative Director | Michaela Olsen
Executive Producer | Jessica Jeaninne
Creative Producer | Megan Barbour
Head of Talent | Emmo Collins
Concept Art | Holly Stapleton
2D Animation Director and Art Director | Hannah McNally
2D Animation Consultant | Elyse Kelly
2D Animators | Tash Dupker, Anita Gill, Martha Halliday, Sabrina Chaney
2D Colourists | Sara Spink, Tash Dupker, Martha Halliday

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