Kiss the Ground
Clean up and Colourist for Kiss the Ground's short film, The Possibilities of Regeneration.

The film explores the origins of regenerative agriculture, offering a story that is both new and ancient in its roots. Co-written and narrated by Lyla June Johnston, an Indigenous public speaker, artist, scholar, and community organizer, the film takes a holistic approach to regenerative stewardship, expanding the idea of regeneration beyond the principles popularized in the relatively young regenerative agriculture movement. 

Narrator | Lyla June Johnston (@lylajune)
Directed and Produced by | Kate Oliva (@kate_oliva)
Written by | Lyla June Johnston, Karen Rodriguez, Kate Oliva Animation | Jason Carpenter Producers | Jackie Hansen, Karen Rodriguez
Cinematography | Lean Anova
Composer | Catherine Joy
Additional Music | Denisse Ojed, Ahyoka Saas
Sound Engineer | Jonny Price Sound Mix | Rob Marshall
Animation Director | Jason Carpenter
Animation Producer | Holly Stone
Art Director & Designer | Sabine Volkert
Support Design | Hannah Brewerton, Joumana Ismail , Claire Schlaikjer
Storyboard | Jason Carpenter, Sabine Volkert
Animation | Hannah Brewerton, Joumana Ismail, Aira Joana, Christine Le, Goyo Moreno, Hannah O’Brien, Inari Sirola, Sabine Volkert
Clean Up & Color | Hannah Brewerton, Tash Dupker, Kat Michaelides, Hannah O’Brien, Lisa O’Sullivan, Claire Schlaikjer
Compositing | Jason Carpenter, Tom Fisher, Scott Ingalls, Claire Schlaikjer Editor | Jason Carpenter Production Assistant | Margaret Neely

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